Ryan Heron

With over ten years experience in documentary making Ryan's projects have taken him to every continent on the globe, except Antarctica, which weighs heavily on his mind. From bespoke architecture in Hong Kong to peasants in Romania, he's put a lens on the human experience. His feature length film on The Earthrace Project was shot in more than 20 countries and included a two week imprisonment on a Guatemalan Navy base.

Ryan's background in directing documentaries has developed a keen eye for story whilst his experience as a camera operator has evolved a strong visual aesthetic and understanding of composition and lighting. He has directed spots for Air New Zealand, Red Bull, Peugeot, Icebreaker, Pump, Holden and Burger King.

He has since gone on to work for MTV, directing both the MTV News and numerous half hour specials and documentaries for Red Bull, Sky TV, and US based Motoventure Films.